Investing in a new business, bringing on new shareholders or adding partners to your existing business can be an intricate and involved process. We offer assistance and expertise when negotiating deal terms and we:

  • review and prepare all related agreements and legal documentation that reflect the agreed upon terms, and
  • advise on all related legal issues including compensation, corporate governance and reporting or filing requirements, record keeping, etc.

We have had considerable experience establishing shareholder, limited partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP) and other business structures.

One document of particular importance in addressing these relationships is the Shareholders' Agreement and we have had significant experience in addressing the many issues that such an agreement raises for all parties concerned, whether the context is a brand new start up entity with 2 founding shareholders to long-established businesses with many different classes of shareholder (founders, equity investors, employees) to private equity investment scenarios (with either majority or minority equity positions). 

We are able to guide our clients through the maze of choices to craft an agreement that is appropriate for the shareholding and control structure as well as the size of business, and that takes into account future requirements such as anticipated financing arrangements (debt, private equity, IPO) or preferred exit strategies (IPO, business sale, etc.).

We would be pleased to assist you in determining what is best for your shareholding / partnership / joint venture arrangement.